Friday, October 14, 2011

October the Beautiful

I think October is one of my favorite months. In Seattle, it often provides some refreshing crisp mornings and lovely fall sunshine. Folded Ear Cat shuffles over blue hose.

She's intent on reaching the door that she knows has opened because her human is out with that funny blue box pointed in her direction. 

The chill in the air keeps her on the move when she is outdoors these days; no more lounging in the garden sunshine.  It's amazing how dirty a white cat can get when she takes an extended snooze in a garden bed!

The time may have come for the return of the blanket to the bed; and definitely a jacket for evening jaunts. 

Due to the gorgeousness of the day, I walked the Ridge and took some photographic proof that in Seattle we are surrounded by water.  In the east, Greenlake.
And to the west, Shilshole Bay.

Seattle shines in October, and I stretched my legs climbing up and down the Ridge.  A perfect day was had by all.

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