Thursday, October 13, 2011

Folded Ear Cat and the Get Your Butt to Bed Sashay

I confess now that I am awaiting my next great job I have been enjoying some later night TV than was my usual routine. This does not always sit well with Folded Ear Cat. Cats certainly know how to get their sleep, and as keepers of household routine, make sure we get adequate naps, as well.

Folded Ear Cat tore me away from a fascinating Charlie Rose last night by sending out a warble from the bathroom where the acoustics are especially good. She is usually a quiet one, so I know when she speaks I am meant to listen and, in fact, heed her call.

Off goes the TV and the light, out comes the toothbrush. Cats hate it when you have your back to them, so while brushing the teeth we play a game of toss the ball and bat it back. (Really, she could play baseball, she's that good.)

Commence the sashay: she slinks along the wall, looks up at me to see which direction my feet will take me - oh, good, the bedroom, well-trained human. Sashay around the bed, the cat post and back until I've actually climbed into bed and her job is done for another day. Turn out that light, will you, so a cat can catch a nap?

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