Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Movie Reviews: Drive; Moneyball

Sometimes I need to step away from the computer job hunt and get out into the world as I do get tired of my own company.  Last week I stepped out to see two movies.

Movie #1:  Drive
This movie was not exactly what I expected.  I guess I didn't do my homework, i.e., read reviews.  The cast was excellent, especially Albert Brooks as a bad guy who is sometimes pretty likable.  It was especially atmospheric when Ryan Gosling's character was driving around in the dark.  Inside the car it was quiet and peaceful.  His "side job" which had him keeping company with criminals eventually spills over into the rest of his life and it isn't pretty.  Let's just say the blood splatter quotient was pretty high.  It turned out to be quite a violent movie, which I hadn't expected.

Movie #2:  Moneyball
Moneyball has the dynamic duo of Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill - they are hilarious, with perfect timing.  It made me sympathetic for athletes who get a third, fourth or fifth chance when they thought their chances had all but evaporated, and also for those who are suddenly cut from the team.  In the end, the main character gives up a big payday to remain loyal to his team, which is refreshing.  I walked out of this movie uplifted, which is a great post-movie outcome.

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