Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kitties in a Lineup

It turns out my "assembly line" is my coffee table.  My current batch of tiny cats are all in a row, so I had to snap a photo before they go to their new homes this week.

And because in my family someone was always snapping a photo from behind, not necessarily on purpose, here is a bum shot of the same characters.  Their curly tales are pretty endearing.
You can see the yarn already laid out for the next batch - as soon as I get a nose onto Mr. Cheeto - my crochet hook will be dancing away.

Here's one cheeky devil who is literally a cat in a hat.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Color

I still have my holiday decorations up, because they so cheer up my living space.  It makes the living room feel warm and wonderful.
My white yarn-wrapped tree from West Elm and fluffy owl ornament from Pier 1 may stay up until the spring.

Where will I put things when I break down and buy a modern, slim television?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tiny Crocheted Cats

I've been so busy crocheting tiny cats to keep up with the demand, that I haven't even been blogging!  It all started with a holiday craft sale at work where the first woman to see them bought all 3 of the tiny cats I had for sale.  From there I have been crocheting special orders.  The first was a black and white cat who went to a good home, friend to a little girl.

I'm working on my third special order for coworkers, and finally have finished one for Etsy, with another still in pieces on the coffee table.  Here's a cat in a hat (I've been crocheting hats, too).
Next up:  modifying the pattern to turns tiny cats into tiny dogs.