Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kitty Unassembled: A Cautionary Tale

Here  is a photo of crocheted kitty pieces.  Why, you may ask, is this kitty in pieces?  Well . . .

1.  In my excitement to get this kitty crocheted, I skimmed over the assembly instructions a scootch too quickly.  I went ahead and crocheted the limbs all the way to their tippy tops, and now find I should have stuffed all four paws before doing so.  I fear I now need to start over with all four kitty limbs and do it the right way this time if those paws are to be perfectly stuffed.  I knew better, as this isn't my first paw stuffing rodeo, and yet here we are - still in pieces.

2.  Embroidery.  I can crochet my way out of any situation, but say the word "embroidery" to me and I run screaming from the room.  For some reason embroidery stitches are my undoing.  I shall overcome this personal failing, however, because this crocheted kitty will need the sweetest mouth, eyes and eyebrows.  Just the encouragement I need to finally learn how to embroider in a straight or curved line.

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