Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kitchen Appliance Graveyard

Tell me, dear readers, that I am not the only one who has a kitchen cupboard semi-filled with kitchen appliances I bought with great enthusiasm and then tucked away after a couple of uses to forget them altogether.

I decided I had not made use of my time between jobs to get healthy, as had been the plan originally, so I dug out my juicer with a vow to make myself a glass of fresh vegetable juice every day. I toddled off to the grocery store and bought more vegetables than my refrigerator has ever seen. Those veggie bins are filled to overflowing.

So far I have had beet, kale, spinach and apple juice; and kale, bell pepper, arugula, cucumber, carrot and tomato juice. I have planned a gazpacho concoction with lots of herbs and I'm feeling a little on-the-edge-of-a-cold today, so I'm off to find some antioxidant fruits to juice myself out of it.

The juicer takes a fair amount of counter space in my galley kitchen, but it doesn't take as long to create a glass of juice and isn't as hard to clean up as I had imagined. I just pull a bunch of vegetables out into my collander and wash them all, then push them through the juicer until I have a glass full of green amazement.

I can't tell whether my body is still in shock at this new vegetable full regime or is appreciating the uptick in nutrition, but I find myself less inclined to muddy the waters with unhealthy food when all that vegetable sweetness is washing through me.

There is certainly an element of "just do it" to the whole juicing thing. I need to be looking at that juicer on the counter, and yesterday I just went ahead and made myself a glass of juice before dinner. I'm not to the point where I'm really looking forward to those glasses of green. I expect it will take time to overcome a lifetime of vegetable drought, but change can happen and this is a good thing.

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