Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seen: November 3 Edition

I don't need to walk far in my neighborhood before I see something that makes me want to snap it.

Could this stone house be any more move-in ready?  Moss on the roof and surrounded by gardens.  It's even elevated for the best views. 

While it does have charming windows, it doesn't appear to have a door or an elevator, so that might present problems with its habitability.

I do love nice paned windows, so I'm tempted to move right in.

What a lovely tableau with the stones, Asian light and tiny stone animal.  Somebody had an artistic eye when creating this garden. 

I do love a nice porch, and the gray plays nicely against the accents which are almost purple.  It looks like a cottage that could be in a fairy tale, and yet it's just down the street.

The red mailbox that reads Post is a nice finishing detail.

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