Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Season of Thanksgiving, Words About Hope

I finished The Education of Millionaires yesterday, and then happened to catch Charlie Rose's interview with Dov Seidman, whose book is Why How We Do Anything Means Everything.  That will be my next non-fiction read for sure.  Here are two quotes from the book:

. . .inspiring workers with values and missions worthy of their commitment.
Creativity, helpfulness, and hope can't be commanded; they can only be inspired in people.
Another comment on the book that rung true with me is "morality fades with distance."

It seems to me that especially when things aren't going well, i.e., these challenging financial times, our true values become apparent.  When the bottom line is served to the detriment of those who helped an organization achieve success, hope leaves the room.  When a company is running so lean that those who make the whole thing hum are constantly stressed and joyless, any company success is unsustainable.

I am truly thankful for some time between jobs to learn new things and ramp up my creativity.  I'm also thankful that the "occupy" folks have started us off on an important conversation and re-evaluation of what is truly important.  Let's make that conversation fruitful.

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