Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's Your Purpose for Money - Today's Burning Question

Danielle LaPorte's burning question this week is good, as always -- what's your purpose for money?

My purpose for money at this point goes something like this:
  • Freedom to let my gifts for creativity and encouragement come out to play every day.
  • Own my own home and studio so that my creative gifts don't necessarily need to take over my house (everywhere I sit is surrounded by yarn, thread, fabric, buttons); a home with generous porches and garden space as well as a guest suite so friends can come and stay in the comfort I love to provide.
  • Freedom to travel when I like - to walk the English countryside, spend time at Chatsworth, take summer courses at Oxford; visit friends in the South and spend more time in Charleston and Savannah; hop up to Canada; take the train to Portland for the weekend.
  • Abundant funds to start a foundation to address the needs of the elderly in my community and on the coast in honor of my parents.  I had the honor of caring for my parents through their declining years and deaths (oh, the rousing games of Bingo at the nursing home).  This gave me a soft spot in my heart for my elders.  I would be thrilled to be able to partner with groups already doing great work and come up with innovative ideas to bring joy, comfort and laughter into the lives of elders.  (When I would spend time with Mom at the nursing home our laughter would sing through the halls, and that shouldn't be an unusual occurrence.)

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