Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seen: One Ballard Block

Call us shocked but not unappreciative of the unseasonable spring in early February sunshine we have been enjoying in Seattle for the last couple of days.  I saw these spring bulbs already blooming several places today.
I found this rock landscape lovely, but they can't fool me.  Those rocks were placed by the hands of man.  It's not like the ice age ended yesterday and left these rocks randomly strewn about.
It just needs to be said - this is some hedge!

One of the perks of walking a neighborhood is enjoying the sidewalk-scapes created by neighbors just to make the street prettier and more interesting for passersby. 
I love this form of gardening for the neighbors.  Perhaps, as gardeners do, they ran out of room to plant in their yard, so it has spilled out onto the parking strip.  I don't mind - it makes walks ever interesting.

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