Saturday, February 4, 2012

Exercise, I Hardly Knew Ye

Let me start with a mea culpa - it's my own darned fault that exercise and I have lost touch over the last several months.  I could attempt to blame it on my computer job search, which means too many hours each day with my butt in a chair reviewing job sites and applying for new opportunities.  I'm tempted to whine about rainy days and windstorms, even days stuck inside by the snow.  But I've decided to talk back to my inner whiner and just do it, to co-opt a famous sneaker company's tagline.

The sunshine has certainly helped propel me out of my chair and get some fresh air into my lungs.  I've been logging an hour a day of walk time, which feels great.  Unfortunately, my extensive butt-in-chair time over the last few months means that at this point when finished with a walk I'm limping like a 90-year-old.  I don't mean to impugn my elders - I have found myself left in the dust at Greenlake by individuals considerably older (and fitter) than my own self.

I have been motivated by my discovery of SparkPeople, where they have a feature that lets you map your walking/running route.  You can map your route and find out how many calories you have burned.  I absolutely love being able to find out how far I have walked on a given day.  Their nutrition tracker is great, too, because the whole community has saved the calorie information for foods - so you don't have to do the research on every food you eat. 

I do have some indoor exercise options ready to go when this sunshine ends, as I know it will.  It's February, for heaven's sake!  But I intend to continue moving this body until I'm frustrated that the neighborhood hills aren't challening enough.  Then I guess I'll need to find a mountain to climb, or walk to Portland.

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