Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gratitude Tuesday

Very soon I will get my camera act together and give you a sneak peek at what happens when I'm without a crafty crocheting project, but for now here's a bit of Tuesday gratitude to people who have given me gorgeous hair and encouragement and resume relief in the job hunt.

I highly recommend the salon BaBaLouise (isn't the name alone fabulous?).  I'm still revelling in my sexy hair.  Not only will they give you great hair, but the artist whose paintings fill their walls is talented and whimsical.

For encouragement and all around wisdom in the job hunting world, please give a hand to Jennifer Foss.  Better yet, visit her website and laugh yourself silly while soaking in her expertise.  She has created for me a resume I am proud to provide to potential employers and it is already garnering interest with employers who previously wouldn't acknowledge my existence.

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