Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Must Read

I just finished Three Stages of Amazement by Carol Edgarian, and I suggest you read this book immediately.  It is rare to find a book written so poetically but with characters so endearing, frustrating and real.  The timeliness of the subject matter is impressive, with startups that are fighting for funding that is suddenly hard to obtain, and cutting edge medical technologies.  Lena is overwhelmed caring for a baby born so prematurely that her attentiveness and sheer will seems to be all that is keeping her alive.  Her son, Theo, is such a unique and thoughtful boy.  There is a sweet husband she unfortunately compares to an old Volvo, steadfast but boring; compared to Alessandro, an exciting love from another lifetime.  Those born into modest means then elevated to richness are forced by the economy to return to lesser extravagance.  There are even two endearing Great Danes.  Many phrases in the book are worth repeating.  Here are some of my favorites:
Grief was a stalker.  It was big, hairy, inarticulate, possessing just one word, why.
Theo's habit of plucking the bald spot from the truth had already convinced the boys at school that he was a bit odd.
Listen up.  Don't negotiate with your feely parts.
Willa was awake, sitting up in her crib.  Her calm, expectant eyes lifted.  She smiled.  "Hey, Brave, what is it?"  It was as if the ocean had summoned the shore.
I leave it to you to discover your own favorites.  Don't miss this book!

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