Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cheery Hat Season

Before her death, Mom spent two years in a nursing home, and as anyone who has ever walked through the door of a nursing home knows, they aren't easy places to fill with cheer.  In the spirit of our animal-loving family, Mom's half of the room was shared by a basket full of miniature stuffed animals. 

To bring them into the spirit of Christmas, one year I made each of them a spritely felt hat with jingle bells and embellishments. 
A basket full of Christmas joy

These guys are warmed for winter with crocheted hat and scarf
Who says hedgehogs don't party well with others?
Now that Mom has passed, I still bring her basket of jauntily hatted tiny creatures out at Christmas to add a touch of humor to my holidays.  They never fail to bring a bit of Mom's soul to the celebration.

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