Sunday, July 22, 2012

Red Velvet Cake

I do love a good slice of red velvet cake, but such a slice (even when paired with a glass of soy milk) does not a dinner make.

That's a lesson learned this week, one day when I had a filling lunch, and thought dessert as dinner would suffice.

I savored every bite (and it was a good slice of cake), yet when the sugar hit my bloodstream I found myself grazing in the pantry for a food with some sort of nutritional value.  It defeats the purpose of going straight to dessert at dinnertime, foregoing the rest of the meal, when you need to eat several items afterward before you feel satisfied.

So I will occasionally enjoy a nice slice of cake with a cold soy milk chaser, but I will surround the indulgence with plenty of good nutrition to maintain the balance.

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