Saturday, March 10, 2012

Healthy Journey Discoveries

Meandering along the amazing journey of becoming fit and sassy - okay, I'm already sassy, but the fitness level can use considerable lifting - I've discovered some great new songs and a kettlebell trainer that are inspiring me to get moving.

I have had a kettlebell for some time, and love it because it provides cardiovascular and strength training all in one, but have only had a couple of moves to use with it.  Thanks to the internet I discovered Michael Skogg, who is a trainer in Portland, Oregon.  I watched a couple of YouTube videos, really like his training style, and already gained one new move that is very effective.  Just today I've received his set of 5 DVD's, and can't wait to get started.  Seriously, doesn't he look like a warrior?

I also downloaded a couple of songs that have already lengthened my walk time because I want to listen to them more than once.  Chris Tomlin's music is always inspiring, but this one simply forces me to dance around the living room.  It's called "All My Fountains", and is on this CD:
Bruce Springsteen's new CD has also been motivational.  My personal favorite is "We Take Care of Own".
Happy Almost-Spring, and I hope some of these picks also help you get motivated and moving.

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